The First Blog Post!

Posted by Lyndsay on Apr 15th 2017

It's a very busy time here at Nitro of Frankfort. It's almost Derby time, which means our 2nd Christmas. Derby hats, dresses, and jewelry fly out of the store. It is so much fun to help someone find their entire Derby outfit or the Derby hat to pull it all together. But we wanted to take a minute away from helping customers, in order to share some awesome news.

Drum roll please . . . After 20 years, Nitro of Frankfort is finally going to go online!

We know... we are just as shocked as you! You are going to be able to shop some Nitro of Frankfort looks online. We've been considering an online store for a number of years and have never gotten around to doing it. We just love seeing our customers' smiling faces and think there is nothing better than a little southern hospitality while shopping. But after so many of our out-of-town loyal customers have requested online shopping, we finally caved to their requests.

Our online store is going to be much smaller than in-store. We hope to expand it, but for now we are going to be selfish. We still want to see your smiling faces in store, because it's the best part of our day to see your face light after finding your new favorite thing to add to your closet. So, come downtown to shop Derby hats, Escapada, Fresh Produce, Hatley, Vera Bradley, Corkcicle, Spartina, and much more!

Our online products will start with Nitro USA's rhinestone apparel and jewelry for the Kentucky Derby, UK, Kentucky, and more. Nitro USA is a favorite brand of our customers at Nitro of Frankfort. It’s the perfect brand to start with because it's local (Versailles, KY), offers sizes S-3X, and is always coming out with new products. It will still be available in-store and you can order online and pick-up in-store if you wish.

Better get back to work, we have a goal of launching before Derby so that you can shop licensed Derby apparel.